Artist: Jason Lee

Tattooing since 1998
multi-award wining artist taking 1st place for best portrait work, best male sleeve
and best male back piece and tattoo of the day Specializing in photo realism, portrait work,
black and grey work, and custom design

Artist: Nick Jones

Tattooing since
Specializing in Neo Traditioanal, realism, bold color work, and custom design

Artist: Sean Warnke

Tattooing Since 2002
Specializing in Graffiti, script, new school,color work, making clients happy,
and custom design

Artist: Benny DeWitt 

Started apprenticeship in 2012
Specializing in Traditional

Body Piercer: Roger Reinstorf

Piercing since 2000
Specializing in dermal anchors, amusement, custom piercing,sterilization, aseptic
technique and equipment management

Body Piercer: Jessie Barnes

Piercing since 2010
Specializing in body piercings, sterilization